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Devon and Cornwall based, Pink Champagne String Quartet is one of the most outstanding string quartets specialising in playing music for civil wedding ceremonies, church services, civil partnerships, entertainments, concerts, corporate functions, fundraising and other events - perfect music for your wedding or special occasion!

Devon Cornwall String Quartet for Weddings

Although we’ve played at hundreds of weddings in many varied surroundings from castles to private homes, we are always amazed at how different each one is and how they can still bring a lump to our throats! We will be pleased to help you choose the right music for you, and you are welcome to use us a sounding board about what usually happens at a wedding.

To see our music list, click here!

To see & hear us play, click here!

People sometimes tentatively ask us “Do you always wear pink scarves?” and the simple answer is “No!”. We are happy to wear very smart black evening outfits if you prefer, for example if you don’t like pink(!) or if you think it won’t match your colour scheme for the big day.

We warmly recommend the Flute Quartet, as the repertoire is considerably larger and you still get all the best violin solos (including Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Meditation, etc.) as we go to great lengths to make the best musical adaptations!  We find that the flute sound appeals to a wider range of guests.

Did you know the expression "to tie the knot" comes from the ancient Celtic ritual of "handfasting" in which the hands of the bride and groom were tied together in the wedding ceremony?

Devon & Cornwall String Quartet for Weddings